User Command Reference

Commands that manipulate user data. Remember that parameters with whitespace must be enclosed in quotation marks.


/rocket user {add, edit, view, help, delete}


/rocket user add [-f|--force]

Add the current user into the database. This command by default does not overwrite users that have already been entered into the database. By using the -f flag, you force rocket2 to overwrite the entry in the database, if any.


/rocket user edit [--name NAME] [--email EMAIL] [--pos POSITION]
                  [--github GITHUB_HANDLE] [--major MAJOR]
                  [--bio BIOGRAPHY]
                  [--permission {member,team_lead,admin}]

Allows user to edit their Launch Pad profile. Admins and team leads can edit another user’s Launch Pad profile by using [--member SLACKID] option. SLACK_ID is the @-name, for easy slack autocomplete.

If a user edits their Github handle, rocket will also add the handle to Launch Pad’s Github organization.

# Normal use
/rocket user edit --name "Steven Universe" --email ""

# Admin/Team lead use
/rocket user edit --member @s_universe --name "Steven Universe"

Admins can easily promote other admins or team leads.

/rocket user edit --member @s_universe --permission admin


/rocket user view [SLACKID]

Display information about a user. SLACK_ID is the @-name, for easy slack autocomplete. If SLACK_ID is not specified, this command displays information about the one who ran the command instead.


/rocket user help

Display options for the user commands.

Delete (Admin only)

/rocket user delete MEMBER_ID

Permanently delete a member’s Launch Pad Profile. Can only be used by admins. MEMBER_ID is the @-name, for easy slack autocomplete.