Rocket 2

Rocket 2 is the official UBC Launch Pad Slack bot and team management platform.

Rocket 2 is a from-the-ground-up rewrite of the original Rocket, and it is a Slack bot that aims to be a ChatOps-style tool for team management across platforms like GitHub and Google Drive, with extensive configuration options so that it can be used by other organizations as well. Rocket 2 is used, built, and maintained with ❀️ by UBC Launch Pad, UBC’s student-run software engineering club.

Main features


Unix-style command system in Slack - invoke commands with a simple /rocket in Slack


Platform integrations - easily configure GitHub organization invites and teams, Google Drive permissions, and more


Team directory - provide and manage member information such as emails and other accounts


Permissions system - control access to Rocket functionality with a tiered set of permissions


Hackable and extensible - an open codebase makes it easy to add commands, scheduled modules, and more!

πŸ“¦ UsageΒΆ

Check out our command reference pages to get started interacting with Rocket, or take a look at how Rocket is used at UBC Launch Pad in the Launch Pad handbook.

To set up a Rocket instance for your organization, refer to the deployment and configuration documentation.

πŸ“š ContributingΒΆ

Any contribution (pull requests, feedback, bug reports, ideas, etc.) is welcome!

Please refer to our contribution guide for contribution guidelines as well as detailed guides to help you get started with Rocket 2’s codebase.

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