Development Scripts

There are a few scripts in the scripts/ directory that aid in the development of this project.


This is just the list of commands run to check the code for violations of Python style. It also runs the tests, and is the script that is run in our Github CI. Make sure to run before submitting a pull request!

This script also checks to see if the user is running DynamoDB locally, and if so, would include tests for it; if not, the tests that use DynamoDB will be deselected.

See git hooks.

pipenv run python scripts/ 8000

This is to check if a port is busy on the machine you are running on.

Used in place of nmap for automatically checking if the port used for local instances of DynamoDB is in use.

  • Exits with 0 if the port is in use.

  • Exits with 1 if there is an issue connecting with the port you provided.

  • Exits with 2 if the port you provided couldn’t be converted to an integer.

  • Exits with 3 if you didn’t provide exactly 1 argument.

  • Exits with 4 if the port is not already in use.


This should be run whenever any change to Pipfile or Pipfile.lock occurs on your local copy of a branch. It updates any changed dependencies into your virtual environment. This is equivalent to the user running:

pipenv sync --dev

Which, coincidentally, require the same number of characters to be typed. The script should ideally be run after any instance of git pull.

See git hooks.


This script downloads a copy of the latest local version of DynamoDB and forks the process. It also sets up the environment in which you should run it in using scripts/

Please do not use this script; it is meant to be run by Github CI. Unless you enjoy having to download and run multiple DynamoDB processes.


This script automatically sets up your environment to better benefit a local instance of DynamoDB. Only should be run once by users (though running it multiple times would not hurt too too much). It requires aws to be installed through pipenv.


This script builds a docker image rocket2-dev-img, according to the Dockerfile. Equivalent to:

docker build -t rocket2-dev-img .

Make sure you have docker installed on your system beforehand.


This script runs a local docker image on your system, port 5000. Equivalent to:

docker run --rm -it -p rocket2-dev-img

Make sure you have already built a rocket2-dev-img, or have run scripts/ before-hand. docker must also be installed.

Makefile for Git Hooks

cd scripts

This script simply installs the pre-commit hooks and post-merge hooks. is copied to .git/hooks/pre-commit, and is copied to .git/hooks/post-merge.

After installation, every time you try to make a commit, all the tests will be run automatically to ensure compliance. Every time you perform a pull or merge or rebase, pipenv will try to sync all packages and dependencies.

Makefile for Documentation

make clean html

This script builds all documentation and places the html into _build/ directory. Should mostly be used to test your documentation locally. Should be run within a pipenv shell environment.

We use Python sphinx to generate documentation from reStructuredText and Markdown files in this project. To configure (and change versions for the documentation), edit docs/index.rst is the index for all documentation.